Category: Operating System

  • My first use of awk command

    Hi, today I has to detect the machines IP. So I thought to make use of “awk” for it and got build this command ifconfig eth0 | awk ‘/inet addr:/ {print $2}’ | cut -d\: -f2 first get the ifconfig output to awk, find “inet addr:” in it (for ip version 6 use “inet6 addr” […]

  • Patching Source Code in Linux

    Recently I download one source code for linux box, But unfortuntely that code is too old (2002) so we need to patch the source code as its available for my Linux distro. Command is simple for it though we need a PATCH installer package first. Command is patch -p1 < [Patch_file_name] this will patch your […]

  • Atlast A Successful install of Linux OS on my pc

    I have been trying to install linux on my personnel pc from last 5-6 years ( actually I try it only 10 -12 times ) but always I end up crashing my Windows machine and hence, never install it on my pc. But during last 5-6 months I am working on a project in my […]

  • Linux Password reveal

    Hi, I just discover how a Linux password is formed. This information is useful for those who have to write a piece of code for their software to either match user authentication or make new user from their script. Though Linux Provide PAM for the purpose, but for me configuring PAM for you application that […]

  • Linux Problems

    Hi, I have been trying sendmail and Exim for whole day. Looking what exactly they are and how to use them. But still stuck on what they are. I found Sendmail and Exim both are MTA (Mail Transfer agent), but still my Cpanel installation shows that I have sendmail and exim install on same server, […]

  • Difference between Liunx and Windows

    We all have gone through this discussion somewhere in our life and we keep doing this. I respect both software in sense they have there own commerical market. I did not rate any one above other as they target different audience to me. Its just that they try to take others market in different fields. […]