Windows Developer Preview : First look

Okay, so everyone is sharing their thoughts on Windows 8 aka Windows Developer Preview. I thought to do so. So, if I talk all about in one word. Awesome !!!. This is cool, easy ..err, not really easy at first. But really great. So, what make it feel like it is not easy. Well, the metro application, was great to go there, but when I am on metro apps I miss the “multi-tasking” as I do not see the other application. This is explainable as metro style is for general user who love to do saying painting or if you just want to view facebook. Most home user are of that type. But as a software developer, this isn’t the scenario with us and I believe even a banker won’t like that when they often switch between different apps etc.

But that doesn’t mean we cannot work without metro, they have classic desktop to suite our habitual old style. But now in classic desktop I miss two important things. The Start menu which show multiple option if you take mouse over it diagonally, but if you go from taskbar to new start menu it shows nothing and clicking it doesn’t open your software but open the metro apps dashboard. Not good. The second thing I found missing is that I cannot add the “myComputer” or “Computer” on Desktop. I am in habit of having that icon since time of Windows 95. Not a big thing to miss but always a good to have on my desktop.

OS is touch centric, but a traditional PC or laptop for office work doesn’t suite it as mostly users are 18″ away from monitor and they are in parallel to eye. So if you have to work 8 hrs in office desk you cannot touch your monitor to move around. And you cannot work on Tablet from office either. With above missing option for Start Menu, [or maybe I didn’t find that menu yet]. It is hard to adopt it for me as developer. But as a normal user, I am more than happy to have those cluster removed for me.

So, I gave 10/10 as user, but will give 7/10 as full day computer user. Though the best thing I love about this preview is it’s Speed. I mean I use preview on computer with just 1 GB RAM in 3/4yr old processor. And I run faster than Windows 7 on that machine. Application opening and closing is very fast and noticeable for me and my colleagues. Must give 100% marks to microsoft for this.

In all it is great, but have to change few habits to adopt it.