Category: HTML/CSS

  • PDF Creation: wkhtmltopdf

    In past I post about how good wkhtmltopdf is. I have used it for few of my projects. Really it is the cheapest [as it is open source and free] and powerful solution. But it is not the reason I love it. I love this because it is the Easiest solution available. Most of PDF […]

  • z-Index: Short note

    It is been sometime I try my hand to CSS. But today when I got a chance to work on Jquery Animation to make it smoother than what it was, I realise that I never work with Z-index property. It is not that I don’t know about it, but it always is pain and I […]

  • Selecting menu item using Javascript

    Okay, I create a pure CSS menu that use UL/LI structure to maintain the child relationship. All was great with this menu except that when you are on any of menu item page it doesn’t highlight that menu item explicitly. If you consider this it is not a big deal. What you can do is […]

  • Facebook SDK: IE redirect loop

    Recently we had problem with Facebook SDK, that on IE it remain in redirect loop and hence our facebook application was not working. I test it to find that it wasn’t getting the session detail on form submission. The reason is Security policy of IE that prevent 3rd Party Cookie drop which is required for […]

  • HTML: Why we need to format it properly

    I have always try to write a Validate HTML, but often I have been asked by my staff member what is the need of validated HTML if everything is working. They ask this question to avoid their little effort in getting HTML in proper shape, as they have to concentrate on open and closing tags […]

  • HTML Application

    Recently I come across something new and not a useful as it seems, specially for web development. It is HTML Application (hta) a Microsoft’s own technology that work on IE browser, It act like a application though Programming language is HTML ┬áRead more about it Its useful for organizational based Intranet application to some […]

  • HTML Textarea Word Wrapping

    Today I discovered a new thing, it sound silly to most of developers, and might laugh on me… But Today I understood the mean of wrap=”hard” for Textarea :). Actually we hava a textarea for product description, and programmer add wrap=”hard” in description, not sure why? And while displaying description for product, we just replace […]