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  • Finally wordpress permalinks works

    After a long time, finally Microsoft add the ability to work with URL Rewriting in IIS, finally Godaddy start supporting it with their hosting, and finally I try the service to found it working first shot. You will find detail guides at   (IIS official article) (WordPress official Article) My unofficial web.config content […]

  • WordPress on Godaddy Windows Server

    I have been using GoDaddy Windows server from last 18 months. I have my blog runnin here as well. However initially i got some problem with my wordpress installation, as Godaddy doesn’t support PHP well on windows. (I guess they need new techincal brains, who realize that php is similarly safe on windows as on […]

  • Spell Checker for Web Application (PHP on Linux )

    Well try this free spell checker, it use backend pSpell component installed on PHP to work, but is very good spell checker for your HTML editors and TextArea boxes. I have used it in past and found it easy to install.

  • PHP: ob_start and header redirect … use it with care

    Today, I found a interesting bug in code. This bug has cause our customer to lose data at least 3-4 times in recent past, we read logs and try to find the stories that are causing data loss. But everytime we found no good stories from fact. But today we found the cause of error. […]

  • POP3 Mail accessing with SSL

    I have lately create an class in PHP 4 to connect and do POP3 mailbox handling. However, that class is not able to utilize the SSL connection and hence it fails when I have to access my Gmail (Now Google Mail ) account which use SSL connection for the purpose. For this I found another […]

  • XML-RPC client Class for PHP

    I was looking to various classes available on net, just to learn something new and found this one really good to make a script that can work as XML-RPC client. You can use this XML-RPC client for, other blogging software, XML-RPC call or virtually to any XML-RPC server call. I use this […]

  • How to enable CURL in Xampp

    Well the easiest post to read 🙂 Just enable it in all PHP.ini and PHPx.ini you find it Xampp installation … Read original post at —  Sumit Gupta