Category: PHP

  • Using PHP to connect to the new Google Blogger API

    Check this cool article and give source code if you want to do Google’s Blogger automation using PHP. Link : PHP Source Link : Thanks Kosso,

  • Framework for PHP

    Hi,  Nothing much to say just try this framework and let us know your comments on it… Thanks to friend AC Sandeep for his efforts.

  • PDF generation through PHP Code

    I have use PDF file gets emailed to customer feature in lot of my project. For this we use various PDF generation classes available. But today I am going to talk about absolutely free method of doing this. For this I use  html2pdf  and GhostScript. Just a suberb combination of making PDF on the fly. […]

  • Linux User authentication using PHP

    In one of my last post i try to define how linux store its password. Today I will be putting Complete PHP code for it. Just run it on your local server(mind it your Http server must be running as root user in order to use this script ) Its a raw way of doing […]

  • Three things to do for File upload using PHP and Apache

    Recently I have been ask by a developer to check the Apache configuration as his PHP script is not able to upload files more than 512KB. I looked around with my basic knowledge to see whats the cause of problem. And found these three things need to be modify in order to correctly upload file […]