Difference between Programmer and Coder

Every word has it’s meaning. For me Coder and Programmer are two different word for some it maybe same. I always try to get a programmer but the truth is you get most candidates as Coder only. Now what does that mean? In simple word a Programmer can act as coder, but a coder can never be a programmer.

Coder refers to a post where a candidate is good enough in writing your business logic in given only one programming language. For example, a C# coder can write a beautiful C# code, but he cannot code in VB.NET or Javascript or HTML, also this guy cannot visualize complete application. He simple convert your Flow chart in C# code. This is what I called a “CODER”.

Whereas  programmer is a intelligent bread. They can think of a Software programmer as a whole, they understand the logic and can write logics by themselves. They don’t need Flow Chart, but they develop one by themselves.

There are very little who become programmer at early start of their career, however I see no techincal reason why there are only few. Our Education system include enough course ware and time for a coder to become programmer at college/university itself. But maybe like other developed Country, India too is getting more dump human that it used to produce. I love technology that is why I am here to build one, but I hate technology as it make Human bread a little more dump then past. Human brain is not evolving with technology, atleast for 90% of world it is true, these 90% people are called as Common man.