Encounter with Computer Hardware

From last few weeks, I had a problem that 2 of my desktop PC doesn’t recognize their HDD. I was not sure what is wrong with both of system, as when I put the HDD in different PC it sometime works and sometime it doesn’t. Same when I try to change mother board for them. Ultimately since they are under warranty I didn’t take pain and send them both for repair. I got extra hardware to backup the time lose in service. Yeah cool Idea?

But what is this, when I got them back from service center the problem persist. Damn Service Center didn’t work they didn’t find the fault or fix it. That was my reaction and I was frustrated. Then my brother took the job to fix computer and ask me to sit quite. After 2 hrs he came to me and said that the small power connector was damage and when he replace it with new cable all is working well. I was shocked!!!

I remember I change DATA SATA Cables, but I never change power cables, as I Believe power cable will either work or it don’t work, it won’t make running hardware halt in between when we do Excess data read or something like that. Infact in one of Computer, Harddisk doesn’t work after 20-30 minutes of computer working fine.

But this it is true, Power cables can make you think that other hardware are damage. I remember I change everthing including SMPS, Processor, Graphic Card etc on my PC but what I didn’t get change is power connector for Harddisk which was the problem. It was funny at the end of day.. oops months.

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