Firefox — A better browser or not

Hi all,

I have been in web development since last one year and come across many issues of desgin and programming related to different feature of browsers. But My concern to these issue always restrict to Mozilla’s Firefox and Internet Explorer only. I never thought of Netsacpe in this.

Firebox is really a worth ful browser especially if you are a web developer with its already available Tools for web developer. It is not that these tools cannot be made for IE but no body bother to do that with IE. anyway I am talking about the Few good feature I like most in FF is that it has extension that make it better than IE in some places.
One of such extension I like most is “Web Developer 0.9” it has many tools of usefulness

And now FF and IE stand for different purpose for me… FF for development and IE for better look Graphics and User Interface while I am just a normal Internet surfer..:o)

I use both as both has some advantage over other.. I cannot say that they have disadvantage over other …

Happy surfing

Sumit Gupta