HostGator: Impressed me, but still not good

After a very bad experience in hosting service and try like of godaddy, 1and1, bluehost and few other, I finally reach HostGator. They are still a traditional hosting provider but at least their server works. It is not that you cannot find a good hosting then hostGator, but comparing to $$ spend on hosting decide the quality a lot. I use company like Rackspace and, they are really what a quality hosting should be, but considering their fee, it is not reachable to every day to day client. 

However, I use their USA server and it was not quite good, maybe too much overloaded, though for my blog I use their Indian Server and since it is new server and probably not so much loaded yet, it works great for me from last 3 months. They have down time of about 10-15 minute here and there, maybe server just get too overloaded at time, been a shared hosting server, but otherwise it is normally a good speed. My clients are happy that my project management system finally works for them, and this is great achievement in itself.

Anyways, my new working environment is going solid. Increase my productivity a lot just waiting for good results to come with time.