IDE Colouring

I have been using Visual Studio from last 6-7 years, have used different version of it. Not just Visual studio I used Lot of text editor and other IDE interface. Most of them give user an option to change the colour schema. But like me most of us didn’t realise how useful these feature can be. I never use this feature to change font or colour before. But today I suddenly got a screenshot with Black Background of IDE in Visual Studio. Hmm, it looks very good, the code is crystal clear (on black yes..).

I was able to read blue and black written code on white background easily, but white written code on black is much more clear to me. I was amaze to see the clarity of it. I search on it further and found that even Coding Horror do support those themes .. Don’t believe me take a look here


Finally go here

or this is last one

They all have good resources for you. Try it yourself :).

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