JavaScript: New Presentation

We all have experienced some cool effects while we do web surfing. Its Twitter, Facebook, Google, Windows Live website, whatever you name it, they all use great web interface easy and to the point user interaction. This all belongs to one unified solution Javascript. I have been using JS since I start web programming. I found working with Javascript is second best option after working on XNA Game framework. It wasn’t that good since start, but I really blame it on Jquery that it really make something which is good to something great. Recently I am using lot of Jquery modules and functions. This not only the presentation of our web work but it also reduce work to more organized way of coding.

However the JQuery is good in itself, but I realise that it depends on few things, and one of those is good HTML, if you are using Javascript especially with these libraries make sure you first validate your HTML. You don’t necessarily need to validate using HTML validator such as W3C validation, but a symmetric HTML is what you need. With Libraries like Jquery, I really wonder if we need Flash and Silverlight anymore ? Though I love to work on silverlight, never got a chance to use that in my project. But from Banner Flash to Jquery Banner, I opt for Jquery Banner, because they are simpler and faster to work. It took me 2 hrs to ingrate Paypal on HTML site, without making any new public page on site, as I just use Jquery Dialog to show the form and proceed with order. Client didn’t expect that and they are excited to get it that way. It make their money worth, and it ease out my work to make a form in template. which is indeed quite a work as compare to plain HTML form with no style at all.

If you are looking for web programming career, Javascript is must to learn with HTML. Without this if you want to be a programmer, then you won’t be. If you want any help on concept I am happy to help as it also help me learn more and more.

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