Linux on Virtual Box

As new year start, I got sometime to play with my old Linux Installation on VirtualBox. I was using this installation on my Laptop that support 1440×900 screen resolution, but I have my linux working only on 1024×768 resolution. I was using it as this resolution as I doesn’t work much on linux, but now to prepare for my upcoming project, I thought to prepare a better machine.

When I try to change the screen resolution for my linux, normal Display dialog doesn’t allow me to do so. It change back every setting I do to default of what I am using. It infact doesn’t allow me to change the hardware driver too. I search internet as usual, found some forum topic suggesting to make manual changes to X11 configuration file.

I did those but they are not gettting in effect. then I realize the by default the frequency taken by X11 is way too low for the 1440×900 resolution and hence it doesn’t allow to set it properly. I change the Monitor entry in configuration file, change the frequency to have range of 31-100 for Horiz and xx- 120 for vertical, now I can make changes as I want.

Just a reminder for my short memory…