Not so Good hosting

I have tried three hosting companies so far, and here is a little write up about all three,

 1) Economical host (Delhi , India based company ) : I take a basic Linux server on shared server from them, my site runs perfectly hardly got 4 hr downtime in 2 yrs. I never had a Techincal difficulty with my site as my site is Static and without using an Database, it is plain HTML site.

But: when I start looking for better service at cheap rate, I found they are way expensive than other, and they argue that they host your site with only 300 site per server, 300 site per server is less according to them 🙁 .

I cannot access my Control panel often as Server get out of Harddisk space.. though I have more than 60% of my allocated Web space left free, i.e. server is over loaded as per allocated resource by them. (a Cheat to customer).

They are rude people never talk to you in polite manner, if you need hosting from they its your requirement they hard give you a second thought.  

Total Experince: Never go back to them

2) Indiatimes Web hosting service:Another India Based company, have their server in VSNL data center, that means your indian client have fast access to your site, if it runs. Yes, my site is 40% down ( I now offically close that site anyways because of it and other reasons). I took ASP.NET hosting in 2006 when we have its 2.0 version in market and they still provide only 1.1, old useless server. When I buy domain from them, they send me 2 DNS enter for domain, out of which one is incorrect, and their techincal department doesn’t understood what I mean, when I complain them.

— Crap Company with Crap Services.. never look at it.

3) GoDaddy.Com : So far seems good company, Excellent techincal support, Good server, works fast. But good for basic user, if you are advance user, you might find their shared server are not so good,

I cannot set Schedular, have only 10 MB email box for primary domain only, even if your hosting account allow multiple Domains. And if you want mailbox for those domain, you need to pay extra. They have very basic Access Report Analysis, and if you host multiple domain, you won’t like there reporting for access at all. But most importantly, their control panel to manage hosting is too bad. Its not user friendly, and if you are new to web world don’t mess with their control panel or you will never come to know when you delete your site or make it worthless.

Currently my site is hosted on Godaddy only, and I will stick to them for up coming future… But I think I need to buy my own server to get full control.

By Sumit Gupta

Sumit Gupta, a developer by choice.