OpenXML : New office file format

When I first heard that Microsoft change the file extension of MS Office Products and add “x” in them, I got surprised as that was not very common practise for me. But today when I word on that new file format, I really would say, it was a good move. Those who don’t know, Microsoft with Office 2007, has change the core of file format used by Office product, and with other office software getting popularity, they actually work on an Open File format/document format. This new file fomat is known as “office open XML” or OpenXML.

this file format is based on one idea, Create a XML of Data and formatting in file, zip it and save it. Simple and easy. This file format is not limted to MS Office, but understand it very well.

In my project I need to create an Excel file such that my user can generate a summary report in Excel fileformat on button click. All I need to do is add 10 more lines (Except data retrivel logic) in my software, include few library and I am done.

Thanks to which make my work easy, this is wrapper highlevel class based on Microsoft OpenXML Format SDK. which include some .NET assembly. This wrapper make it easy for you write Excel of Word document in few lines. A sample for ASP.NET is included from author, though I use it for Windows Application and it works like charm.