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  • WordPress on SQL Server enables you to use wordpress software with SQL server instead of MySQL. Not sure if it is a good move or bad as SQL server are expensive to get and how many BIG fish are actually going to use it ? But this is good technical Advancement. Keep it up guys.

  • PwNAT

    Not sure how the author want to write it down, but I like PwNAT, looks cool. Anyways, I want to bookmark Samy’s work nice piece of code. While working on Video Conference software, we are having trouble bypassing NAT routers and this piece of code looks promising. At least its concept looks good. However […]

  • Windows 7 USB Installation

    If you have ISO of Win 7, but not CD/DVD writer to burn disk or worst case, you don’t have DVD rom to read your disk, then microsoft have a solution for you. Use this tool and get USB Drive converted into bootable Win 7 installation disk and enjoy. I would say even if […]

  • What my Font

    I just found this cool utility that tells a matching font of what you see on image. It is best if you forgot what font is used on your image.

  • ImageMagic on Rackspace Cloud server (linux)

    Just a reminder for myself ,Imagemagic is available on Rackspace cloud at following name/location /usr/bin/mogrify I have use it in one of my poject, and works great for image resizing better than GD in PHP.

  • Facebook business Page

    Now a days reaching millions of people is much easier and inexpensive then traditional ways. Facebook with its large community of people around the globe is certainly one of the best way to reach millions of people easily. To help in your reach Facebook provide creation of business Page to suite your need. I got […]

  • OpenXML : New office file format

    When I first heard that Microsoft change the file extension of MS Office Products and add “x” in them, I got surprised as that was not very common practise for me. But today when I word on that new file format, I really would say, it was a good move. Those who don’t know, Microsoft […]