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  • Windows XP and PowerShell Commands

    This is a bookmark for  where we can find good information about BASH, powershell and Oracle Also this site list very good conversion table good for web developers.

  • ZedGraph

    Recently I finish a .NET 3.5 based desktop application, where I need to make graphs. For this I search few open source, ready to use library and with help of, I am able to find one such good library called ZEDGraph. However, it seems this project is no longer active, but it has a […]

  • GridView bug that fire RowCommand twice

    I was trying my hands on .NET 3.5, and discover that Gridview was firing Rowcommand twice for my ImageButton that is draw using ButtonField Column. Later I found that this is  a bug/unexpected behaviour from out of the box Gridview. I found some solution on internet that can be seens in detail here: It […]

  • People Forever

    On the Eve of Independence Day, I was looking for some resources on greatest human we or this world ever have. In my search I reach a very good website Here I found some of greatest profile I can think of. Wish, someone creates my profile there … :).

  • Microsoft Vs So Called Better Community

    I have read many articles where a open source developer or group says Windows is bad, Microsoft is bad and their open source is good. It is FREE. I always get in argument, that it is not that Windows is bad, but some people like them present their product after compare it with Microsoft product […]

  • Subnet Mask Calculator

    Every need to calculate subnet mask, you will need this site if you are system administrator: Calculate the subnet mask with ease.

  • Yet Another Great Free service from Google: Google Chart

    Do you always want to have charts on your application, but afraid a developer would ask for high price. OR if you are a developer and looking for effective charting solution for your application. Then the good news is google has already taken care of it. Create your own chart with ease using this, […]