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  • Online Computer hardware store in India

    Hi, Recently I need to find pricing of different hardware, and hence I have search a lot as they are not so common hardware devices I am looking for. After many research I got only two sites where I can check current price and specification of hardware. Please take a look at these site, Though […]

  • Using PHP to connect to the new Google Blogger API

    Check this cool article and give source code if you want to do Google’s Blogger automation using PHP. Link : PHP Source Link : Thanks Kosso,

  • Get Gmail work for your domain

    Today I check Gmail’s new feature, well for me atleast, that you can use your own domain to use Gmail interface. It send email using google server, recieve email from there.. What else we need. I read somewhere that you even has POP3 access to your account. As soon as I read it, I spare […]

  • SCORM and Learning Management system

    Recently I was working on a SCORM 1.2 Standard SCO package. Now what is that, well those know SCORM define it as “Shared Content Object Reference Model” .. each to say.  SCORM is a standard define by ADL and they regulate its standard. Currently SCORM 2004 is latest version of it, though I have to […]

  • XML-RPC !!! a WOW API

    Have you tried XML RPC, it is a web service implmentation, not on SOAP, but not less than that. Visit, for more info. For me its better than SOAP as we don’t have to use those namespaces. Just write a simple code (maybe of just 15-20KB) and you are ready with it. Unlike Web […]

  • Community Server : a Great Software

    Recently I need a site for my brother, where he want to install some forum, so he can help other in his 3D related software, and animation modelling techinque. Since I am using GoDaddy’s Windows hosting which is not so good for PHP open source software, I look for ASP.NET software in that term. And […]

  • Remote Desktop Sharing Service

    Recently I have to take a day off from my office and go out of town to visit my relatives. But my boss need me to finish some important job, and for that I need my office PC. What I can do from remote location ? I simply Log in to LogMeIn.Com site and use […]