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  • WebDeveloper Handbook

    Bookmark to great link where there are lot of resources are bookmarked for web developers

  • English to Hindi Translation made easy : Yet again by Google

    I just discovered that English to hindi translation is easy with new Language tool of Google. Here is link for Hindi to English translation

  • Google Base and Google Product Search : Are one, but different

    Google Base is an attempt to overcome Froogle failure (Renamed to Google product search now). Google base works with Google product search, but still they are different. The main reason of this is define in this undocumentment part of it Can €™t find your items in Google Product Search. Why ? Earlier their was […]

  • Hello World

    As a computer software programmer, one must have learned and use these two words “Hello World”. It is unsaid theory to write a hello world program to start learning a programming language. You can read the “greatness” of hello world at Or get a Hello world program for your programming language from this collection […]

  • Internet and SMS for property Selling

    Recently we finish a site for property selling, for this customer is demanding something really good. For their need we search the internet and found that nothing good is available. Then customer comes with a unique sort of idea, which we develop for them. Their idea is to get a SMS code for each property […]

  • Have a complaint?

    So you need a web platform to shout your voice to tell what goes wrong with you. Have a complain on some company, product or service. Here is a platform for Indian Consumer  Go an lodge your complain. Best of luck with your complains


    Developers own forum, discuss any programming language, any programming culture. This website is dedicated forum for developer, where you discuss and only discuss your programming and software development. is a home for every software developer. Please visit this site and share this new world. (This website is just launched and need members like you).