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  • Firefox, Not really a better piece

    I was reviewing a RAM Software, that analyze the RAM consumption. I was attracted by one particular entry when I Sort to see who is consume the maximum RAM on my PC. Though the entry didn’t surprise me as I have seen that entry before many a times. It was Firefox Browser. I have notice […]

  • Why Internet Explorer fails on today’s web standard

    I was looking through history of HTML following a article on iphone and its role to evolve web. During the process I found another article that defines some dates on HTML standard. you can read that article here (http://www.yourhtmlsource.com/starthere/historyofhtml.html#1.0) To my surprise, HTML v2.0 was standard until 1997. I was amazed to read that. Later […]

  • Microsoft Vs So Called Better Community

    I have read many articles where a open source developer or group says Windows is bad, Microsoft is bad and their open source is good. It is FREE. I always get in argument, that it is not that Windows is bad, but some people like them present their product after compare it with Microsoft product […]