Firefox, Not really a better piece

I was reviewing a RAM Software, that analyze the RAM consumption. I was attracted by one particular entry when I Sort to see who is consume the maximum RAM on my PC. Though the entry didn’t surprise me as I have seen that entry before many a times. It was Firefox Browser. I have notice quite a few time that:

1. Firefox is slower to start on my PC as compare to IE 8. Please note I use default setting on both browser, and it been 7 month I clear the cache of IE 8, but I clear cache of Firefox every 2-3 month.

2. Firefox consume 300,000K RAM with 5-6 tabbed open, IE 8 consume almost half of that RAM with same websites.

3. If Firefox remain in working start for more than 7-8s it start getting slower. I particular has this problem with my Friend/Business Client, who use Firefox and doesn’t close it overnight, and in morning he always complain “The damn flash is slow on firefox, but works on IE fine”. I then ask him to restart the browser and flash animation starts working fine.

4. Firefox every here and there prompt to check updates for plugin or inform that a update is available. It frustrate that frequency of plugin updates is quite high. Again point to note is that I have only: Liveheader, Webdeveloper, google toolbar, fireshot and 2-3 other developer plugins only. I use default theme, never use any other theme.

BTW in this respect I must say that Chrome is better, except its Flash support and some bugs  are there in rendering. So no browser is good, but all are equal, whatever you use is okay in one respect and bad in other.