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Browser War: My opinion

All major browser release an updated version for HTML 5. Lately I read few article on IE9 vs firefox 4 vs Chrome 10. Lot of people said lot of things. They did a benchmark test, run complex application on browser and show the difference in speed. Interestingly, in all of those test no one browser came out Standing on top. One browser win one test and second browser win other test. So what does all that mean to me as a internet user? Which browser I use? which browser is safest of all? which browser help my internet navigation habits?

The answer remain complex and in nutshell it is still unanswered. With this post I try to answer it for me. Maybe you find it helpful for you as well. They all are talking about the speed of browser. But what does it mean to me? If a browser loads a web page at 200 millisecond or 300 millisecond, does it make a difference to me? I mean I am not that fast to make difference in 100 milliseconds, even if it took 1 -2 extra second what I am going to loose ? If they talk about Javascript heavy load is faster with new engines, hmm let me check that. does my banking site use javascript, no. Does my email client use javascript, yes google and yahoo does, but in IE 6 or firefox 2-3 they still load in 20-25 secs and that is because my internet speed is that slow, so my browser anyways sit idle. Yet again, I got a bottle neck, my internet connection speed. So a speed doesn’t matter to me since it is been very little difference for a common man to feel it. However to speed up things they use cache which sometime does create problem for me that I have to clear my cache more often then in early days. Ah no body not that difference for me.

My Internet habit includes surfing of website after searching them in google and then opening the page in new tab. I love the more screen area all browser provided, and Firefox does it best of all for me. But I still see no difference at least considerable in my surfing habit because of new navigation structure. However i found it hard to “refresh” pages when they are still loading but got stuck due to my bad internet connection. I have to first stop them and wait a couple of second before old request was canceled and then reassign the new Open request. I miss that “Refresh/ Reload” button a lot. I need it back. Also in new UI, most browser make “Forward and backward” button big but they remove the refresh and reload button, man Website is suppose to visit LINK by LINK and not by move back and forward. When I move back and there was a form submit, it often get me stuck with it. So why they are promoting that back habit ?

Yet again, those new changes comes with some change in habit for making people not follow LINKs but use quick way of loading cached pages. Not a good idea for me.

Another change I note about browser is support for third party tool, hmm this is interesting. now I can share anything with my friends easily. Hey but why I want to share each and everything ? At work I don’t see it make sense at all, infact it is security risk as those 3rd party addon that help share might steal my bank account when I type it. Or maybe they just parse the page for no reason, slowing my slow internet yet again. I better switch those plugins.

On above someone give a note that I might consider the SAFE browser mode then, but hey why I keep switching things? I was on phone and my client want me to check my accounts, shall I ask my client hey wait I have to switch to safe mode first? or I better just type the name and go ahead.

But whatever it is, I am excited to see the growth in browser and love to see it more fruitful in future for me. I am a developer all those make sense for me as developer when I read benchmark reports. But it doesn’t make sense to me when I get involve with web as normal user. My choice of browser is not on what browser can do what, but I now make a habit of having 3-4 browser in my machine. Each one for each purpose. One for game, one for official/bank works and one for searching and surfing. So, I vote for each browser they are all equivalent and are same for me. It is just choice between what color of car you like to drive :).


HTML: Why we need to format it properly

I have always try to write a Validate HTML, but often I have been asked by my staff member what is the need of validated HTML if everything is working. They ask this question to avoid their little effort in getting HTML in proper shape, as they have to concentrate on open and closing tags etc. But recently I got a perfect example for them. We are using Jquery Ajax in our code where applicable, but soon my developer face a problem that whenever they try to load some dynamic content from Jquery Ajax it fails, but it works with their manual written Ajax code [which is indeed bit unsecure ]. But our problem is not limited to this, the problem we face is that when we add a Dynamic field using Ajax it doesn’t get submitted with Firefox, but it works fine with IE8 [yes you read it correct Firefox create problem for a chance this time]. I struggle to find the solution, because I didn’t look in HTML of their but try JS code only. Later I realise that I should check HTML and there I found a little problem.

The code is using DocType for XHTML 1.0 transitional, but what was written is not a valid xHTML, as the developer put <Form> opening tag between two <tr> tags. In XHTML this is not allowed, a Table Cell or Table element cannot take FORM tag as child, It will work for Table Cell [td], but it won’t work if you put FORM directly in Table Tag. Once the problem is solved, my dynamic fields start getting submitted fine on all browser.

Just little more information, that we were indeed using createElement DOM object, rather than InnerHTML to define our HTML, but still have that problem. So a Valid HTML is what I call a solution.

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Firefox, Not really a better piece

I was reviewing a RAM Software, that analyze the RAM consumption. I was attracted by one particular entry when I Sort to see who is consume the maximum RAM on my PC. Though the entry didn’t surprise me as I have seen that entry before many a times. It was Firefox Browser. I have notice quite a few time that:

1. Firefox is slower to start on my PC as compare to IE 8. Please note I use default setting on both browser, and it been 7 month I clear the cache of IE 8, but I clear cache of Firefox every 2-3 month.

2. Firefox consume 300,000K RAM with 5-6 tabbed open, IE 8 consume almost half of that RAM with same websites.

3. If Firefox remain in working start for more than 7-8s it start getting slower. I particular has this problem with my Friend/Business Client, who use Firefox and doesn’t close it overnight, and in morning he always complain “The damn flash is slow on firefox, but works on IE fine”. I then ask him to restart the browser and flash animation starts working fine.

4. Firefox every here and there prompt to check updates for plugin or inform that a update is available. It frustrate that frequency of plugin updates is quite high. Again point to note is that I have only: Liveheader, Webdeveloper, google toolbar, fireshot and 2-3 other developer plugins only. I use default theme, never use any other theme.

BTW in this respect I must say that Chrome is better, except its Flash support and some bugs  are there in rendering. So no browser is good, but all are equal, whatever you use is okay in one respect and bad in other.

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Why Internet Explorer fails on today’s web standard

I was looking through history of HTML following a article on iphone and its role to evolve web. During the process I found another article that defines some dates on HTML standard. you can read that article here (

To my surprise, HTML v2.0 was standard until 1997. I was amazed to read that. Later in 1998, we have HTML version 4.00. But why we follow HTML 2.0 until 1997? Well the answer goes to history of firefox, Netscape navigator the Browser of that time, which start losing its ground against IE 5. IE 5 not include most of HTML 4.0 standard but is certainly better with its ability to correct HTML errors left by developer.(Remember that forgot TD in HTML code mess the page in navigator?).

Later in year 2001, when web was not very much evolve and market was recovering from IT SLOW down, microsoft dare to release IE 6, which help market gain some momenutum. But do we expect a Commerical company to invest heavily during that time? I guess no, so does microsoft might have done. They just make improvement to existing IE version and release a new browser for their upcoming Windows XP. Microsoft rules the market in web during that time, nobody knows of GOOGLE. So do microsoft has to follow HTML standard or should it follow what help them better user experience? I guess what microsoft does is good.

But certainly most techincal people doesn’t like that specially if they are annoyed with Windows ME bugs. Also the netscape is looking someway to defeat IE in web browser. Later in year 2004 they get a chance when people around the world start to learn of OPEN SOURCE Browser Firefox. Wow, it was after almost 6 years of defining web standard and 3 yrs after IE 6 they start ground again IE 6. However the main idea of Firefox is not to provide better option for client but to provide “Alternative” to Microsoft product. This was reflected in their advertisements as well. Even surprisingly they use that techinque even today when they are the LEADER in web browser.

When you install IE version it never ask to import data from other browser, but when you install Firefox or Chrome, they both ask to import ONLY from IE. Surprisingly my last install of Chrome doesn’t ask me to import data from Firefox, which is most used browser of that time. Do they have answer for it?

Microsoft is a commerical company not a charity foundation that give free software and then ask for donation? It create a product and sell it. Though in today’s world user mean nothing but “better” options. They are not friend of any product. Lately I discover Firefox render page differently on MAC then compare to windows or Linux box, now shall I start hate firefox ? This is what happen with MS. Even if Firefox is open source how many User of firefox actually download it’s source code and compile Firefox ? I guess it is less than 1-2% of how many users are using Firefox in their daily life.

Internet explorer with its market share get relaxed and fall behind on standard and with non coorporate users are taking more of web they fall the ground. As a web developer I see problems with 2-3 browser having almost equal share in market, we prefer one browser of any brand any standard. But as user I don’t mind using any browser they are good for one and bad for other.

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Ironically… We are the best

Just surfing around to see latest web technology. Currently the war on Web Browser is looking good, all new versions and benchmarking and things. Few techincal users give their opinion, few not so techincal read xyz article and gives experts comments. I love to become part of that and want to give my comments too.

Just over 6 months ago we launched our web browser, Google Chrome. Since then, we’ve pushed 29 updates, each working to improve Google Chrome’s speed, stability, and usability.

This line was picked from Hello world Chrome Blog post. Wow, did you see that 29 updates.. 5 update per month, and people at Google says Microsoft makes bad product. I never saw that many updates for IE, remember, IE 6 rules for more than 5-6 yrs along and people are happy using it until Firefox reach version 3.

Frankly speaking, I work on website development and I never feel any browser is bad. I surf all website with similar speed. I am not Computer Processor, that knows the difference between 5 milliseconds, what I see if end pages shows us within 1-2 seconds I click a link or something, and it is pretty much good for me.

I will say a browser is good, if it post my 100 MB file in 2 minutes irrespective of my internet connection speed, if they cannot, it really doesn’t matter much.

Hope you agree with me? So, I would say make a better software but don’t compare with other company product, that make you better.

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Microsoft Vs So Called Better Community

I have read many articles where a open source developer or group says Windows is bad, Microsoft is bad and their open source is good. It is FREE. I always get in argument, that it is not that Windows is bad, but some people like them present their product after compare it with Microsoft product (That only shows how microsoft products are, that people do make a comparable software to compete it).

Anyways, I found this blog articles, which are based on data present on official website of relative software, which is an eye opener for all  (IE vs Firefox)  (Windows Vs Linux Vs Mac OS)

It is not that microsoft make very good software, but they did nothing wrong by making them.

If you are  a open source developer, please please do not spoil the name of Open source community by standing against Microsoft. You make good software, then act and advertise on your software features, not on other products Weakness.

Hope that will tell you why I love MS 🙂