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Ironically… We are the best

Just surfing around to see latest web technology. Currently the war on Web Browser is looking good, all new versions and benchmarking and things. Few techincal users give their opinion, few not so techincal read xyz article and gives experts comments. I love to become part of that and want to give my comments too.

Just over 6 months ago we launched our web browser, Google Chrome. Since then, we’ve pushed 29 updates, each working to improve Google Chrome’s speed, stability, and usability.

This line was picked from Hello world Chrome Blog post. Wow, did you see that 29 updates.. 5 update per month, and people at Google says Microsoft makes bad product. I never saw that many updates for IE, remember, IE 6 rules for more than 5-6 yrs along and people are happy using it until Firefox reach version 3.

Frankly speaking, I work on website development and I never feel any browser is bad. I surf all website with similar speed. I am not Computer Processor, that knows the difference between 5 milliseconds, what I see if end pages shows us within 1-2 seconds I click a link or something, and it is pretty much good for me.

I will say a browser is good, if it post my 100 MB file in 2 minutes irrespective of my internet connection speed, if they cannot, it really doesn’t matter much.

Hope you agree with me? So, I would say make a better software but don’t compare with other company product, that make you better.

By Sumit Gupta

Sumit Gupta, a developer by choice.