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PWNAT: Windows Complied Version

Recently I complied the PWNAT on windows, and already got few mail asking on how I did that. So to help all fan of great software, I am uploading the Windows Compatible Source.

Disclaimer: I haven’t modify any license Information. All Copyrights and signature are same as Official release of Pwnat 0.3 Beta by Samy on his site. I only remove the compile error for Windows NMAKE Utility, and I have complied the software using NMake that got shipped with visual Studio 2008. But my guess is it will work fine with any nMake version.


1. To get it complied you need to have Windows SDKs 6.0A, I try to compile it with SDK 5.0 but it failed on Winsock Library.

2. Complied Version works fine on Windows XP SP2 and Later for me. I believe it works on Windows XP onwards.

Hope I cover all notes. So enough talking here is Download Link of the same:

I feel bad about this software is that it is first time when I try to contact some author he didn’t respond back, and that is why inspite been very good concept and software I found people are finding its solution somewhere else. I wish Samy, you take care of your software well. This Code is still 100% yours, I just move some line in few condition.