What a great time it is

It is really a great time of my life, Everything seems settle for now and I can move forward with it. I don’t know why this happen and how it happens. But it is there. My life is not easy to live with atleast I feel so, and I have to limit myself in many aspects to make it better.

I want to do more and more in small time, I don’t know how I can achieve this, but after a long time I feel relaxed at my part. And want to get started again to improve my life, my surrounding, people around me, to make a happy world for me and for them.

By Sumit Gupta

Sumit Gupta, born on 7th Feb 1981 in NCR, India. He lives a quiet life until he turn to a developer. Once he is in his professional life people start recognizing him for his work. Sumit Gupta is always keen to learn more and share his knowledge to anyone who deserve it. His goal of life is to code at least one 3D action game by itself or with his company Vikasumit [].