Working on ASP.NET can be Similar to PHP


I have just start more research on ASP.Net and PHP and found the two are quite similar in few aspects but vastly different in many. ASP.NET is web Application Server Side Scripting Langauge which is Object Oriented in Nature. PHP on otherhand is Server Side Scripting language that has the Object Oriented feature that for me is hardly used, Infact I haven’t Use Class of any type so far in my PHP Scripts.

But there are some similarity between the two One ofcourse is that both are used for Server Side script. But Other than that They both has quite other feature as well that are same Like File upload both give similar kind of function though they are accessable from different places, mailing etc.

It really doesn’t make me confuse on which language i am learning and using It is just for me like a different syntax that is it like in VB.Net and C#.

So, for me shift from one to other is quite simple and Know I can Add in Resume that I have Knowleadge of PHP and ASP.Net and I can work on both of them.

Bye For Now,

Sumit Gupta