All programming is Web Programming

Another interesting article on Coding Horror, I wonder how Jeff found so much to write about. “All Programming is Web Programming. I agree to Jeff and Michael both. Strange but true.

I found lot of programmer doing web programming, and they do it for years, though they never learn What is OOPs or what is pointer. But the practical fact is they are building application that is used by more and more users, in face of Social Bookmarking, Community discussion, online games, Chats or whatever you can see.

Though I disagree that All programming is web programming, once cannot neglect assembly programmers, C++ programmer or Desktop application programmer. You cannot always rely on Internet to be available to your business machine always, you are not running a datacenter. So, different application do have their scope, even to run a simplest of your browsers you still need to have some Operating system, to Connect to your cool Mobile device through PC, you still need a Intermediate software.

Talking about programmers and programming level, I agree with Michael, that web programming is relatively very easy. Chances of finding a sub standard programmer for web application is very high, rather a alarming high. I work every second site that is done sub standard and my job is to make it just run on Internet. The reason web programming is so simple is expanding community and Shared Coding. You believe it or not, it is Open Source Coding that is responsible for sub standard programming. Whenever I try to market a new project, my client says that one of other bidder is doing the job at 1/4 th price you ask for the same and he is going to use XYZ open source software. When I cross examine my client that do you really feel that software is worth for his/her business, they says they don’t know. But still they opt for that solution, and later 10-20% of them return to me and ask me to correct their site as that coder is unable to finish the project.

Open source is good, and it really help developer community, but this also lead some School kids, that are too excited about their new career that they didn’t finish their basic study but using some open source software, install it with their 1-2-3 easy step and feel like a Developer. Coding for Web application is easy, you don’t need to concentrate much on error, but that is why most websites are hackable in one or other way.

Web programming is not a “Kick Start” Bike, but still it need some basic understand to make it run perfectly. I feel no programming is easy, but due to vastly available searchable source code, most sub standard/learner has taken place for real Developer. Ironically only a Real Developer make the original code and now he too is finding difficult to survive due to commerical reasons, and more and more sub programmers are taking place.

Maybe this is Recession for developer, but it never last long. A New Gadget/Technology will hit market sub programmer were not able to perform always and we get our share back.

The good thing is I got my share even today, by fixing those broken code, so I am really thankful for everything, Open Source, sub programmer etc. And hope they all keep doing like this.


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  1. I am totally agreed with you that all programmers are not web programmer. I have built many console application, windows services in such application you cant say that its a web programmer work.