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Motion Tween: ActionScript 2.0 with MC Tween

This is to bookmark the Motion Tween Class I found for AS 2.0. I have use core Tween classes from Macromedia before, but this class looks better in some respect. though with AS 3.0 in market it looks dead stuff

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SumitGupta.NET on Facebook

Well I had my Blog on my facebook profile, but then I realise it can be available to you as well, All you have to do is just add to your application in facebook and then you can get the blog as one of facebook application for yourself.

So, add application and remain updated on latest technology through my blog :).

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Not sure how the author want to write it down, but I like PwNAT, looks cool. Anyways, I want to bookmark Samy’s work nice piece of code. While working on Video Conference software, we are having trouble bypassing NAT routers and this piece of code looks promising. At least its concept looks good. However it is in C language and we are looking for managed .NET code alternative.

Samy looks interesting guy too, he is a hacker or I would say a Better class of programmer.

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What my Font

I just found this cool utility that tells a matching font of what you see on image. It is best if you forgot what font is used on your image.

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When I saw myself Infant : The Day I never forget

It was night between 25th and 26th Nov 2009, time was 1:00 AM. I shutdown my laptop, get to bed want to sleep as much as I can, as per doctor our baby can born anyday. I wanting to see my baby soonest possible and was about to go in dreams when Nidhi woke me up, and after few minutes around 1:30 AM we are at hospital filling form for upcoming good news. Just 10 minutes sleep after a 16 hr long day. Time starts running until they took my wife inside Labour room for final call at 6:00 AM. Suddenly the time stop… we are waiting outside and time was not moving forward.

but at 6:25AM we hear a cry of baby, the moment of joy. The moment no father can forget. Everything was so good, a cool dawn came with the best news of life.

But the wait didn’t get over until 7:45 AM. It was one of longest hour of my life waiting for the love of my life to came out and show their faces to me. The moment when I saw myself as infant again, when I saw baby boy was actually looking at me though for just few seconds. The moment … I cannot describe now.

I am was not sure what a fatherhood is, I am not sure if I am a good father, but all I know I have a good and health son. Me and my wife were expecting to have a girl baby based on what happen during this 9 months and our cultural believes on those “happenings”. But boy proves it, whatever you plan or you believe you cannot go beyond your own limits as human.

But who cares of those stuff, My kid is here with his family. This Grand parents hold him as first person to touch our kid in family. He is so lucky to have that moment in his life. My brother and bhabhi and my niece and nephew all are excited. Our almost perfect family is now the perfect family, with my parents, my brother and his kids and now my kids are all living together. No money can buy me this, no one else can steal this moment from me now. It was great day to bring more happiness in my life.

God Bless us!!!

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ImageMagic on Rackspace Cloud server (linux)

Just a reminder for myself ,Imagemagic is available on Rackspace cloud at following name/location


I have use it in one of my poject, and works great for image resizing better than GD in PHP.

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Deleting a File.. oops a Index

When I try to delete an unwanted file from my system, I got a new situtation, I got it first time ever in 10yrs since I was using computer. To define the problem I am posting the Message I post in one of forum

I was trying to download a mpg file from internet, using a download manager, but then I have to stop downloading that file. After that I forget to resume my download, after few days, when I check my download manager list, it show me that file, and I delete it from the list. So far so good, but the problem is that in my download folder it still show that file with “grayed” icon of Media Player. However I cannot open that file I cannot delete that file from my hard disk.

Obviously that file is not yet download and it seems I cannot open, but the problem is I just hang Explorer.exe, and I need to restart Explorer application. I read lot about “undeleable file deletion” techinque to take ownership and then delete. I tried that too, I got the owner ship using command line but when I do

C:\Downloads>del filename.mpg

I got

could not find C:\Download filename.mpg

Interestingly, I use TAB key to fill the name of file after del key. So the should exists somewhere. how can I get rid of it?

I found the answer after 3-4 minute of this post myself. Actually the above condition is that, an Index File was created but not the content is ever written for it, when I was doing normal delete file, it never found its content file and hence generate the “could not find file” error. I should have read a simply Command before, will save me 2-3 day hassle.

Command you can use in this situtation is del /A I <filename>, it delete the index and hence you are done.

BTW I got that problem on Windows Vista