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  • Deleting a File.. oops a Index

    When I try to delete an unwanted file from my system, I got a new situtation, I got it first time ever in 10yrs since I was using computer. To define the problem I am posting the Message I post in one of forum I was trying to download a mpg file from internet, using…

  • Windows XP and PowerShell Commands

    This is a bookmark for  where we can find good information about BASH, powershell and Oracle Also this site list very good conversion table good for web developers.

  • IDE Colouring

    I have been using Visual Studio from last 6-7 years, have used different version of it. Not just Visual studio I used Lot of text editor and other IDE interface. Most of them give user an option to change the colour schema. But like me most of us didn’t realise how useful these feature can…

  • ZedGraph

    Recently I finish a .NET 3.5 based desktop application, where I need to make graphs. For this I search few open source, ready to use library and with help of, I am able to find one such good library called ZEDGraph. However, it seems this project is no longer active, but it has a…

  • People Forever

    On the Eve of Independence Day, I was looking for some resources on greatest human we or this world ever have. In my search I reach a very good website Here I found some of greatest profile I can think of. Wish, someone creates my profile there … :).

  • Virtual Call Center with

    Yesterday, I was studying trying to figure out how Voice Service works. I never use their service before, and even haven €™t heard of its concept. I take a look around to some initial document and how things are laid out in Interface. Things seems complicated to start with, but today when I…

  • Icon to PNG (ICO:PNG)

    Bookmark to great resource website Icon file to PNG conversion. It extract all size icon in .ico file to Zip PNG, with transparent background and black background. Good service but is in beta right now.