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Opening Microsoft Office document in Web Browser (IE)

recently I have been assigned a task where I have to open Microsoft Word’s file in Web browser for customer to edit them. For this I got a reference of this article

And believe me its really a Superb thing to do, I am very impressed with this ActiveX control. (There is no other way mind it) to make complete office work from your web browser. And this is better to have than a CMS editor for very restricted MS Word lover customer.


Flashy Sumit


Lately I edit a Action script to incoporate few changes to make our desinger studio work correctly. I have been in touch with flash from now more than a year, did bit of modification here and there. But still searching for a “Golden rule” of flash to become a good flash action scripter.

It gives me great fun to write a Action script and i love doing that, but still got afraid of few things maybe because I lack the skill of using “easy programming”. I us to do programming from zero and flash is bit ahead, and is for advance programmer.

Well maybe I can develop some good flash programmer sooner or later, but for now just keep learning things.

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HTML Application

Recently I come across something new and not a useful as it seems, specially for web development. It is HTML Application (hta) a Microsoft’s own technology that work on IE browser, It act like a application though Programming language is HTML

 Read more about it

Its useful for organizational based Intranet application to some extend though.

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.NET C#.NET Programming

Sending inline Image using C#.NET

Recently i have to send an inline image in my outgoing automated email. I don’t know that it was that easy..

Read this article for sending inline image using C#.NET

Sumit Gupta

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Strength of .NET

Since I start programming on Microsoft.NET framework, I read that .NET framework has support for multiple languages.

I use two -three such languages for my work, Microsoft well know Visual Studio provide support for few languages. Most of programmer restrict themself to these handy tools, rest change their programming language as they don’t know that their language also support .NET framework.

Well read this  and tell me if your language is not their 🙂

Code Snippets Javascript Programming

Filling Text Boxes for Testing

It is often required to fillin the form on webpage so you can test the form submission action. For this I often need to put different value so I can recognize the values are coming good. Like I need to create PDF on the fly, In that I need to fill the form on web page than generate the PDF as per data in web form, this consist of 30 field, so To place each field data correctly I need to fill the form again and again. Though data validation is not required and not there. But still to check if need data to be transfer.

  So, I add this small JS code to do that for me, within body tag

for (i = 0; i < document.forms[0].elements.length; i++)


  if (document.Form1.elements[i].type == “text”)


document.Form1.elements[i].value = document.Form1.elements[i].name;



That solve my problem…

.NET Programming

Creating on-the-fly PDF using C#.NET

Few days back I post about how to create PDF using PHP. But I always wonder How can I do it using .NET Framework, as what I found that PDF library for .NET are more than total project cost. But thanks to Open source developer I found few libraries out their for free.

  One that works for me is iTextSharp hosted on SourceForge.NET. My friend for life SourceForge Always comes good with its code collection.

I try its VB example first, that are for Windows Application. But it hardly matters for me. As they run perfectly when I try to use them for ASP.NET application.

Though my project is in C#, I use the C# library by adding it as new project to my solution and than using its name spaces as in its VB.NET Tutorial example. All works so perfect that I cannot explain.