Category: Programming

  • Patching Source Code in Linux

    Recently I download one source code for linux box, But unfortuntely that code is too old (2002) so we need to patch the source code as its available for my Linux distro. Command is simple for it though we need a PATCH installer package first. Command is patch -p1 < [Patch_file_name] this will patch your […]

  • HTML Textarea Word Wrapping

    Today I discovered a new thing, it sound silly to most of developers, and might laugh on me… But Today I understood the mean of wrap=”hard” for Textarea :). Actually we hava a textarea for product description, and programmer add wrap=”hard” in description, not sure why? And while displaying description for product, we just replace […]

  • Visual Basic Express 2005

    Install on my pc yesterday, and get its first look today… just few hours ago. What can I say about it. Simply amazing software. When I first look at Visual Studio 2002/2003 I thought what extra in a interface they can make. But with Express interface we have new Icons, and programming in no more […]