I forget to add my initial


I very good incident happen to me…

I have tell you all that my site is now entered in search index. After completion of its 15 days there when Google refresh its index it “Half index” my site. I doesn’t know the reason but it remais that way for more than 1 month. And i am wonder why. Infact by now has also index my site and it increase my concern about it.
Than one day i found thatI have put some meta tags in My Pages

[name=keyword] in meta tag

And i found that meta tag misses my names initial “s” from it

it should be keywords not keyword…

Now, I am again waiting it to be index again at Google as i want.

Wish me best of luck….

Sumit Gupta

By Sumit Gupta

Sumit Gupta, a developer by choice.

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