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Interviews in my new office

I new job, new environment it feels great. We conduct interview here, I took most of those interviews, and it was great experince to look for decent programmers. In my previous job, when I took interview I didn’t found a good candidate after take 40-50 interviews. I was feeling bad at that time, that hardly anyone is there to impress me. I thought there are not good programmer in India.

BUT, when I start interview for VIKASUMIT, I was amazed I almost found 12 out of 25 person going good. How can it be? The only difference in both condition is that in my old job, I never call anyone for interview, my senior does that always, and I just took their techincal interview, here I do all stuff myself. Maybe the criteria based on which I call guys is different from my seniors. It proves to be good for me, I didn’t waste my time on bad candidates.

I am happy that i discovered again India still have many great programmers to come. I am happy that I can build a good team for my clients, and can deliver them better than what I was forced to do in old company.

I believe in GOD, and he is really guiding me to good path. Thanks for all who make me to move in this direction.

By Sumit Gupta

Sumit Gupta, a developer by choice.