Key difference between Linux and Windows

I read an article that try to mention 10 key difference from Linux and windows. I like the article and can easily sense that it is another article that get biased at few places. You can read that article here :

The biased things I found are:

#3  Online peer support vs paid helpdesk support

Author mention that we get Online peer support for linux where as we get paid helpdesk support for windows, but the thing is with linux you will get only the PEER support unless you BUY a paid Helpdesk support. But with windows, you will get paid helpdesk as integral part of your Software along with peer Support. Forums and mailing list for windows is as equally popular a for linux. So with windows you are always better in chance of getting response.

#9 Automated vs nonautomated removable media
Author Jack Wallen mention and try to prove that non automated removable media mount is better in terms of security. I agree with him from is point of view, but he forgot that he is mentioning either a desktop software or a Server software. If we are talking of desktop user than in modern worldwe are virtually taking of single user at a time PC and not a Mainframe NASA computers that are operated by 100 of operators at a time.

Hope I put correct views here.