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Not sure, i should post it or not, but I am definately looking for guidance from someone.

As I was working on a complex project from last 6 months, which is totally new thing for me to learn and develop. I was going all smooth till my company plan to expand my development team by providing me there Best Programmer to my project..ah sorry, not programmer but project managers. They are far more experince than me and are very good at there job.

Now, they are working on part of project that totally related to development of interface, based on my research on how to perform that action, with their knowledge of development tools for interface.

I am using PHP2GO web framework when I start the application, that provides all the feature one should require to develop a web interface in PHP. It has its own Email class, Database connectivity class, XML parsing class etc etc.

But as this new team start working and after two months of their involvment in this project, I still can observe that they are using traditional freely available classes for all operation I mentioned, I mean now my project has two classes for same operation because these senior members doesn’t take their time to read current architecture of application.

Now, my problem is should I ask them to use their own method or should I close my eye ? Why I’m asking is simple, Once I have been told to not pressurize my collegue that are there because of their working abilities. Because they are not any junior programmer.

Since than, I always keep asking myself, what should I do in this respect?

Is there anyone going to guide me??? Please post a Comment to this blog entry I am waiting for it.

By Sumit Gupta

Sumit Gupta, a developer by choice.

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I can see your predictment. I have myself gone this kinda shit and you know what i did i said “asta la vista” to them. You cant change the system. All i can say is move on to a place where they recognise your talent and let it bloom.

Dont stay too long at the same place or you would get “stale”.

Rolling stones gather no moss 😛

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