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  • Linux yet again try to gain popularity on MS

    I have continously notify how opensource gaints are using microsoft name to get popularity. Today I got a newsletter which says “Linux kicks Microsoft back” . After reading this I follow some links and found some interesting fact. First here is what I understand as summary of article. Microsoft says 93% of mini laptops worldwide […]

  • Key difference between Linux and Windows

    I read an article that try to mention 10 key difference from Linux and windows. I like the article and can easily sense that it is another article that get biased at few places. You can read that article here : http://news.zdnet.com/2100-9595_22-219655.html?tag=btxcsim. The biased things I found are: #3  Online peer support vs paid helpdesk […]

  • Difference between Liunx and Windows

    We all have gone through this discussion somewhere in our life and we keep doing this. I respect both software in sense they have there own commerical market. I did not rate any one above other as they target different audience to me. Its just that they try to take others market in different fields. […]