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  • MVC : First Encounter

    I have been reading about upcoming of MVC from quite few years, but I never feel the need of it. It is surprisingly but yes, I never feel of MVC in web development. I have created my own coding pattern which is good for most programming I have seen in my career. But still MVC […]

  • Funny Resume

    Recently, I was busy hiring new recruit for my company. As always it is the funniest thing to do as well as it make me sad to see how idiotic people are getting. I try to compile those funny moments in this blog article. Take a look on these funny things (Please note that I […]

  • JavaScript: New Presentation

    We all have experienced some cool effects while we do web surfing. Its Twitter, Facebook, Google, Windows Live website, whatever you name it, they all use great web interface easy and to the point user interaction. This all belongs to one unified solution Javascript. I have been using JS since I start web programming. I […]

  • Guide for starter developer

    I am writing this article for my fellow friends who want to build a career in Software or Web Application development. I am not a HR manager or someone who is appropriate to give advice on your career growth. But been a programmer myself, and after observing mistakes my colleague does during the interview for […]

  • How to : Before you Choose a Outsourcing Partner

    Recently, I talk to a new prospect and he was though want to work with me seen our company profile but still very hesitant to go with us. When I try to know the reason for his hesitance he clarify that he had bad experience with Offshore outsourcing partners in his previous projects. This is […]

  • IIRF: URL Rewrite, 64bit resolved

    Wow, it was hard 48hrs trying to get URL Rewrite for IIS 6.0. Most of solutions are paid and hence not my piece of cake. Especially when I found a great IIRF which is free. However the developer has problem that he doesn’t have 64bit machine to test and fix. Same is with me, but […]

  • Why Internet Explorer fails on today’s web standard

    I was looking through history of HTML following a article on iphone and its role to evolve web. During the process I found another article that defines some dates on HTML standard. you can read that article here ( To my surprise, HTML v2.0 was standard until 1997. I was amazed to read that. Later […]