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  • Another post on “Can You Really Rent a Coder?”

    Today, I was reading the well known It has a interesting topic “Can You Really Rent a Coder?“. It is interesting for few reasons which I discuss later. But I feel that is biased or incomplete part. Maybe I am wrong but I will try to put things better here. Hope I don’t get […]

  • Quickly Changing Programming Languages

    3-4  years ago, when I start doing programming I use to work on PHP 4.0.2 version and some developer use to work on PHP 3 even, I wish to learn .NET 1.0 at that time. Then I wrote my first .NET application in .NET 1.1 after 6 months. And now every 6 month I got […]

  • Chrome: My first experience

    Today I download Chrome browser. Not sure where to start but lets do step by step Installation: Fast, took me around 2 minute (maybe less) on 512kbps line to install this browser. +1 point to chrome First Run of browser: Import settings from IE(without asking me) +1(for importing) -1 (for without asking me) Do not […]

  • WordPress on Godaddy Windows Server

    I have been using GoDaddy Windows server from last 18 months. I have my blog runnin here as well. However initially i got some problem with my wordpress installation, as Godaddy doesn’t support PHP well on windows. (I guess they need new techincal brains, who realize that php is similarly safe on windows as on […]

  • Interviews in my new office

    I new job, new environment it feels great. We conduct interview here, I took most of those interviews, and it was great experince to look for decent programmers. In my previous job, when I took interview I didn’t found a good candidate after take 40-50 interviews. I was feeling bad at that time, that hardly […]

  • Google Chrome: New Web browser

    Today I got a newsletter that tell that google will launch its Beta of new web browser. Then I search and found some screenshot of it as well. A  New browser.. hmm, let me ask this… why you cannot leave browser market.. web developers are really frustrated with increase number of browser. If today I […]

  • Virtualization on Windows : VirtualBox

    Last time I try virtualization on my desktop OS was using Virtual PC 2007 from microsoft. I was pretty satisfied with its working and it does a good job for me. However, today I was trying to using that on my Vista Home Premium edition and found that Microsoft doesn’t support that, and when I […]