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Another post on “Can You Really Rent a Coder?”

Today, I was reading the well known It has a interesting topic “Can You Really Rent a Coder?“. It is interesting for few reasons which I discuss later. But I feel that is biased or incomplete part. Maybe I am wrong but I will try to put things better here. Hope I don’t get biased.  

1) Do you really need to rent a coder?

Answer: Yes, you do. If not how can you get a software done. Every house doesn’t have a borned programmer. Every business cannot afford a full time programmer? So one does need to hire a coder.

2) Does we need a market place for coders?

Answer: Yes, don’t you go to computer hardware market place or don’t you go to vegetable market place? So why not this service?

3) So do we need online market place?

Answer: So why you need to build a web project, if you don’t want to go on internet? We need everything be done on internet then why not coder market place, when they are the person who develop other market place online?

4) So does this mean these sites are good to have?

Answer: This is tricky to say!!! You caught me. These sites are good and bad, depends how much good judgement you do.  

So above question and answer are just a shortest method i can think of to tell why we need Online Coder hiring website. However they doesn’t put light why oppose such thing. Let me discuss that below, once I define the interesting part of Jeff Atwood’s blog entry.  

Jeff and other such blogs i read point the efforts one need to do in order to get their project done. But doesn’t that part is true for local developers? so what harm is in it if you do for offshore project? The other thing that interest me is that offshore project and busines has create lot of buzz in US and CA, and unfortunately those who oppose such website are from that reason for obvious reason that they need to compete other developer from around the world.  

I will put the reason why you shouldn’t and why you should use such website in few days. But it is going to be interesting for all.

Article Blog: My thoughts

Quickly Changing Programming Languages

3-4  years ago, when I start doing programming I use to work on PHP 4.0.2 version and some developer use to work on PHP 3 even, I wish to learn .NET 1.0 at that time. Then I wrote my first .NET application in .NET 1.1 after 6 months. And now every 6 month I got new version of programming languages. Is the world going fast or I am bit slow?

Frankly speaking, nothing has change in programming. The only thing that is making these changes is to keep people get new feature so developer/owner of these programming language keep the buzz. If you remember Java is still in version 2 and hence it lost the buzz around his name and is now fallen back. If you compare .NET 1.1 to .NET 2.0 they make a major change by introducing Master Pages and Non compile/DLL less Website. Which is the biggest hurdle in .NET earlier version. But since then they only add some inbuild controls and now in .NET 3.5 or .NET 4.0 they mainly introduce some syntax changes like LINQ or things that you can write a long code easily and complier internally write it again for you. Similarly in PHP, PHP 4 has classes and thing, but their compiler is not ready for it, they make PHP 5, since then I see no major change in PHP, except that with every new version they fix 100 of bugs found in complier code and making new inbuilt function to perform something.

It is good to get lot of things in one place, but does we really required these changes so fast? I just open up my company, I got fresh developer, they will take about 6 months to know ifs and but of programming. I cannot give them new version straight away, they will not be able to adopt it. But after six month when I provide them PHP 5.2 or .NET 3.5 market will already have .NET 4.0 or PHP 6. Then the cycle repeat for me and i need to teach them new changes. WHEREAS, I still can make same website that i would develop on new version in .NET 2.0 or PHP 4 without any problem.

Not sure if we all are capable of it or not, but I seriously think Microsoft in specific and other complier/language owner should think on this part. Making new programming language doesn’t make sense until you get it settled in market. C++ still has its charm available as people are using it for 30 yrs. .NET 2.0 is forgetten language as .NET 4.0 is rising. Why make new things when you don’t required? For new changes better make Componenet that are reusable.

Hope someone read this post and tell them to go slow :).

Article Blog: My thoughts

Chrome: My first experience

Today I download Chrome browser. Not sure where to start but lets do step by step

Installation: Fast, took me around 2 minute (maybe less) on 512kbps line to install this browser. +1 point to chrome

First Run of browser: Import settings from IE(without asking me) +1(for importing) -1 (for without asking me)

Do not import settings from Firefox -1

(Seems another MS hater only, when i have both browser installed in my PC, it should ask me what to do, rather than just try to replace IE …)

First website: Nothing flashy about it, open as similar to opening a site in Firefox or IE.  

Interface: Good blue colour on tabs, No status bar, no Title bar. You ever cannot find where “Chrome” is written in first shot. (Only found that in windows Task bar button).  No points as Blue is rather boring somewhat.

Other things:

1) Remember Password seems stolen feature from Firefox, it appears in similar fashion as in firefox.

2) Looks like you are using IE on interface without Titlebar, (just buttons difference they are as in Firefox).

3) got one small glitch when open a page that use Background colour and image both, it doesn’t show color below the End of HTML, but when refreshed it shows correctly. (sorry miss the screenshot to show). This surely tells there exists some rendering errors in browser.

4) annoying “loading popup status bar”, the small information status bar that comes on left of screen is bit annoying at it attract me to look at it.

In all, I found no good reason to switch to this browser. Just to save better space on screen we can always use Full screen on Firefox and IE. MAybe there rendering is fast. But when i use it on my developed website with Ajax, it works similar, It open gmail at similar speed. I haven’t use it more than 30 minute now. But will use it in future, at least for my website testings.

Good luck.

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WordPress on Godaddy Windows Server

I have been using GoDaddy Windows server from last 18 months. I have my blog runnin here as well. However initially i got some problem with my wordpress installation, as Godaddy doesn’t support PHP well on windows. (I guess they need new techincal brains, who realize that php is similarly safe on windows as on linux).

But, by making some modification in installation script of wordpress I am able to make it run. It runs fine for me except URL rewriting to make a good looking url. For this I am not much concern as my site is site searchable and people come searching it.

Soon my good works seems falling as I was unable to update my blog from 2.2 version to 2.5 or later. hmm, I again recalled the changes of installation script and it make upgrade possible. But … it disable the themes and plugin page for admin. Now, that version 2.2 was working fine with those two page but not 2.5, it means there is some problem with PHP code as they get updated. I check those and found that corresponding Directory reading function of Theme and plugin are changed (from PHP function dir to opendir etc..). Now what I simply use my backup copy and change the part of those routine in PHP code and make it working 🙂

I lost a good link where a person define the step which I too perform (without reading those as I install my wordpress years ago before I found that link ..). It define where you need to make code change in getting wordpress to work for very normal blog requirement. Maybe someday I get enough time to write that part.

BUT WordPress can run on GoDaddy’s windows server…

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Interviews in my new office

I new job, new environment it feels great. We conduct interview here, I took most of those interviews, and it was great experince to look for decent programmers. In my previous job, when I took interview I didn’t found a good candidate after take 40-50 interviews. I was feeling bad at that time, that hardly anyone is there to impress me. I thought there are not good programmer in India.

BUT, when I start interview for VIKASUMIT, I was amazed I almost found 12 out of 25 person going good. How can it be? The only difference in both condition is that in my old job, I never call anyone for interview, my senior does that always, and I just took their techincal interview, here I do all stuff myself. Maybe the criteria based on which I call guys is different from my seniors. It proves to be good for me, I didn’t waste my time on bad candidates.

I am happy that i discovered again India still have many great programmers to come. I am happy that I can build a good team for my clients, and can deliver them better than what I was forced to do in old company.

I believe in GOD, and he is really guiding me to good path. Thanks for all who make me to move in this direction.

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Google Chrome: New Web browser

Today I got a newsletter that tell that google will launch its Beta of new web browser. Then I search and found some screenshot of it as well. A  New browser.. hmm, let me ask this… why you cannot leave browser market.. web developers are really frustrated with increase number of browser. If today I build a single website, I need to build it for IE6 and IE7 (as they render page differently), Firefox, Opera, Safari. Now here comes Chrome Beta and IE 8. They all doesn’t have single standard to follow. Moreover, they render page differently.

In this crowded market launch of new browser is certainly not accepted by developer easily. As if they have to test and fix their code for this browser. Than they are going to charge extra to clients, and most client will opt to leave this browser as it is just new.

Browsers are free anyways, so noone think of getting Chrome, more as they non microsoft are already satisfied with firefox. Also after seen screenshot, I feel it is not going to replace firefox easily with its great capability of theming that even IE miss. But let me wait for beta, to see its good point. Maybe they have better technology to get market share. But it is tough market Chrome, remember, Firefox doesn’t able to get even 50% of market share of IE (not all browser). So it will be tough as Chrome has two very good competitor.

Lets us wait for this browser, and see if I opt to change it or install it as yet another browser for testing only.

Good Luck Google….

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Virtualization on Windows : VirtualBox

Last time I try virtualization on my desktop OS was using Virtual PC 2007 from microsoft. I was pretty satisfied with its working and it does a good job for me. However, today I was trying to using that on my Vista Home Premium edition and found that Microsoft doesn’t support that, and when I ignore that warning and try to use. I end up messing my CentOS 5 installation and Fedora 8 installation.

But then I found VirtualBox  ( It is way better and mature then Microsoft’s Virtual PC 2007. It is free as well. I run Centos5 on my Vista Home Premium successfully. I observe that it is slight faster than Virtual PC 2007 as well. I must say I love virtualBox more than that. And will use VirtualBox only. However, it seems it consume more resources on host OS then VirtualPC, but atleast it runs the software I wish to run.

Good work Sun, this time you beat Microsoft :).