Google Chrome: New Web browser

Today I got a newsletter that tell that google will launch its Beta of new web browser. Then I search and found some screenshot of it as well. A  New browser.. hmm, let me ask this… why you cannot leave browser market.. web developers are really frustrated with increase number of browser. If today I build a single website, I need to build it for IE6 and IE7 (as they render page differently), Firefox, Opera, Safari. Now here comes Chrome Beta and IE 8. They all doesn’t have single standard to follow. Moreover, they render page differently.

In this crowded market launch of new browser is certainly not accepted by developer easily. As if they have to test and fix their code for this browser. Than they are going to charge extra to clients, and most client will opt to leave this browser as it is just new.

Browsers are free anyways, so noone think of getting Chrome, more as they non microsoft are already satisfied with firefox. Also after seen screenshot, I feel it is not going to replace firefox easily with its great capability of theming that even IE miss. But let me wait for beta, to see its good point. Maybe they have better technology to get market share. But it is tough market Chrome, remember, Firefox doesn’t able to get even 50% of market share of IE (not all browser). So it will be tough as Chrome has two very good competitor.

Lets us wait for this browser, and see if I opt to change it or install it as yet another browser for testing only.

Good Luck Google….


2 responses to “Google Chrome: New Web browser”

  1. atleast firefox and chrome use open web standards. thats because they are open source. plus both of these browsers are no problem for web developers

  2. I agree that their source is open. But Have you ever download its source code and try to modify it ? If not what advantage you get from it been open source? Frankly speaking I am in web development from last 5 yrs and Firefox is biggest problem for me as developer, as my client want their site to run on IE first then on FF, and based on that we need to mold our site for IE more than firefox, so no matter what standard is as Money will follow if client remain happy.

    Plus if these browser are so good, why do they always compare themself to IE. IE never says that it is better then Open Standard Browser. Why only Open Standard Browser says it is better than IE ?