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  • Programmer to Manager

    However I was working a Project Manager from last couple of years, but this is something new to me. In last 5 months since the day I started my development house. I worked in all fields from a Programmer to Boss. Getting projects, working on them as programmer, testing, billing & Invoicing everything is done […]

  • Having fun with new task

    Lately I observe I was working 12-13hrs per day and yet I was enjoying it more. It is feeling good especially after my past experince where I use to work 10 hrs and didn’t feel good. I don’t have exact answer for this, but the biggest thing is, if anything goes wrong now I had […]

  • Another post on “Can You Really Rent a Coder?”

    Today, I was reading the well known It has a interesting topic “Can You Really Rent a Coder?“. It is interesting for few reasons which I discuss later. But I feel that is biased or incomplete part. Maybe I am wrong but I will try to put things better here. Hope I don’t get […]

  • Quickly Changing Programming Languages

    3-4  years ago, when I start doing programming I use to work on PHP 4.0.2 version and some developer use to work on PHP 3 even, I wish to learn .NET 1.0 at that time. Then I wrote my first .NET application in .NET 1.1 after 6 months. And now every 6 month I got […]

  • IDE Colouring

    I have been using Visual Studio from last 6-7 years, have used different version of it. Not just Visual studio I used Lot of text editor and other IDE interface. Most of them give user an option to change the colour schema. But like me most of us didn’t realise how useful these feature can […]

  • Chrome: My first experience

    Today I download Chrome browser. Not sure where to start but lets do step by step Installation: Fast, took me around 2 minute (maybe less) on 512kbps line to install this browser. +1 point to chrome First Run of browser: Import settings from IE(without asking me) +1(for importing) -1 (for without asking me) Do not […]

  • Free services: Do they have Future?

    Today I got an email from Blog Rush as Free Blog promotion service, that they are shutting down. They mention that they have the choice to sell blog rush or make money through it but, they shut down because they want their name to remain good. Few years ago, i used a free hosting service […]