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  • Key difference between Linux and Windows

    I read an article that try to mention 10 key difference from Linux and windows. I like the article and can easily sense that it is another article that get biased at few places. You can read that article here : The biased things I found are: #3  Online peer support vs paid helpdesk […]

  • All programming is Web Programming

    Another interesting article on Coding Horror, I wonder how Jeff found so much to write about. “All Programming is Web Programming. I agree to Jeff and Michael both. Strange but true. I found lot of programmer doing web programming, and they do it for years, though they never learn What is OOPs or what is […]

  • Tech. Person with Bad computer

    Yesterday my laptop crash. It was second time it crash and go to service center in 30 days time span. Been a software developer if your machine crash on which you spend 13-14 hrs a day, it will be hard for you to survive. I am lucky that I got backup computer to manage while […]

  • How to write Error Free Code?

    Recently my staff member asked me, “How can I write a Error Free Code?”. hmm.. interesting question. I always ask them to write a error free code and I found that I don’t have any answer that fit in all situation and in cases. Even the biggest of programmer has done error in their code. […]

  • Difference between Programmer and Coder

    Every word has it’s meaning. For me Coder and Programmer are two different word for some it maybe same. I always try to get a programmer but the truth is you get most candidates as Coder only. Now what does that mean? In simple word a Programmer can act as coder, but a coder can […]

  • GoDaddy Server Upgrade

    After waiting for 3 yrs with godaddy, finally I get my blog to work as OUT-OF-BOX product. Actually Godaddy now offers PHP on Windows as normal hosting feature. Maybe they learn that PHP was safe on previous version of Windows too. And once they did that I upgrade my hosting to use IIS 7.0 on […]

  • Ironically… We are the best

    Just surfing around to see latest web technology. Currently the war on Web Browser is looking good, all new versions and benchmarking and things. Few techincal users give their opinion, few not so techincal read xyz article and gives experts comments. I love to become part of that and want to give my comments too. […]