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Reading Large Binary Files: Child Play

Yes, that was funny title, but after your experience it you will agree to me. So, here is the story. I have been working on a software that read some recording from hardware device to database, we have 45 records per second for 30 days, so it is about 30x24x60x60 record entry with 45 columns […] A Review

I lately start using a lot to get my answers and to help others. It is really one good site, one can hook around for a while. I love reading some of their questions. Some of those questions are that I got around in future as developer myself. The fun thing about this site […]

Azure: First Experience

After a long time finally get time and reason to touch base with Azure Service. It was great experience working with it thus far. My client want to move his website from a regular host to something that we can easily manage. We are not keen to hire a server admin to do stuff for […]

Programming keep me busy

Time flies. I though have an idea that I didn’t blog for long time, but really got myself surprise that it is over three months now. Was busy programming and finish couple of long delayed projects and life is taking new shape. In recent past, I developed new methodology for my programming and that process […]

Internet: Fun or frustration.

Since the interception of Internet, human being is evolved as more social animal then before. With use of internet increasing among human it was become fairly easy to stay in touch with your loved one. However as soon as Internet crazy is about to reach its height, mobile phone aka smartphone really turn the table […]

Are you Marketing or spamming?

Today I delete bulk of comment on blog moderation list. These guys took some effort to put their comment and I delete it. Because they are not commenting on article or entry, they are simply marketing their stuff. There is often such comment you will find on your websites, but is this marketting really useful […]